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Privacy Policy

ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA takes your rights concerning your personal data seriously. In this statement ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA explains how it collects, processes and uses your personal data. It thus constitutes the general privacy policy of ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA.

The responsible for data processing is ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA SRL, 61 Aurel Vlaicu Street, Sector 2, Bucharest, vat-number RO15293910.

For questions concerning this statement and our policy you can at all time contact office@adnbpi.ro. In case of questions for specific data, we may ask you to identify yourself, so we are sure to provide the requested information to the right person.

When and for which purposes does ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA collect and process data?

ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA collects and process your personal data when you as a customer approach us in the context of our services, when you contact in one way or another. These activities will be referred to as “client administration” and they concern the fulfilment of agreements we make with you.

If you are a supplier, we process your data or the data of your contact persons in the context of deliveries of goods or services for the generic purpose of “administration of suppliers”.

Further we process your data, as a client or supplier, for making up invoices and other accountancy documents. This makes up the purpose “accountancy”.

In some cases, we may also process your data as prospect, i.e. a person who has no contract with us, with the purpose of presenting you our work by means of a newsletter.

Finally, we may process your data out of legitimate interest for the execution of our activities, e.g. to consult your advice or address your services. These activities we describe as “communication” or “public relations”.

Which data does ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA collect and process?

It concerns data you communicate with us and data we need for the execution of the project you are approaching us for, such as your name, address, e-mail address and professional data, like your company name and VAT-number, data concerning your family composition, national number for submitting a building permit and all other data needed in that case. Mostly you pass us these data directly, but it is possible as well that we receive those data from other parties which whom you collaborate.
The data can also concern you interests in or plans for a future project.

ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA processes financial data in the context of our accountancy.
Data on your function and activities are being processed in the context of communication or public relations,

How does ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA collect your data?

ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA collects your data when you fill in paper or electronic forms. Sometimes it occurs through a conversation, business card, contact by phone or e-mail correspondence.

Normally we obtain those data directly from you. Sometimes it occurs that we obtain them indirectly. That is the case with data about partners of suppliers we obtain from the suppliers themselves.

What are the foundations of the processing of data by ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA?

Initially we collect and process your data based on the contractual relation we have with you as a consequence of your commission and the contract we conclude with you. That is as well the foundation for the processing of data of suppliers and for the processing in the context of “accountancy”.

Where the processing is not necessary for the fulfilment of the contractual relation, as is the case with direct marketing (newsletter), communication and public relations, it is based on our legitimate interests as a business, especially the freedom to conduct business and of information. Thereby we at all time assure the balance between your and our interests, amongst others by providing you with a right of objection.

Are the data being communicated to third parties?

Your data are mainly processed internally in the context of administration of clients and suppliers or accountancy and communication/public relations by the respective responsible for these activities.
For specific punctual services they may be passed to processors we address, but always under our control.

Unless subject to opposition from your side, they can also be shared with other companies (temporary associations, stability engineer, technical engineers, etc.) with whom ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA collaborates.

Sometimes we are obliged to share data about you. That is the case when we have the legal obligation or when governance instances that have the right to, ask them from us. In that case we will control if the requirements to request your data are being fulfilled.

Your data are in principle not being passed down to third countries or international organizations.
This may however happen in the context of the contracts for cloud services we conclude. In that case your data will possibly be stored on servers of countries to which in principle only we have access. In that case we make sure that the provider of the cloud service is established in a third country with an adequate protection level or that there is an agreement with the provider guaranteeing the protection of your rights.

Your rights

You can at all time inspect the data we process about you and if necessary have them rectified or removed. For this, you can send a request to office@adnbpi.ro, with a proof of identity. This we ask to avoid that your data get shared with a person who has no right on them.


ADN BIROU DE ARHITECTURA reserves the right to make modifications and updates on this policy. Modifications and updates will be communicated on the website. The entire policy will remain published on the website.